Monday, February 9, 2015

10 Important Accessories For IPad

Beautiful object, the iPad is a good product with a time of famous applications of the AppStore. If you still hesitate to dive into the screen of the touch pad from Apple, you can still get an idea of the product via our Fast grip or our review of theiPad after one month of use. For owners of iPad who would not experience the iPhone AppStore is a must. It helps shape the touch pad according to its preferential use. The iPad, if available versions “HD” of applications already crossed on iPhone apps also adorned own, drawing on the power of the tablet. Read, share, work, multimedia, our selection in two parts should enlighten you.

The digital book, new main battle Steve Jobs after snapping up music with iTunes. Via iBooks Store, built like iTunes, you can download all kind of works, the new classics. For the latter, we can also acknowledge the Project Gutenberg, which is available on the store nearly 750 free and works in French. Pay for books, we regret the lack of uniformity in prices (from 9-30 euros). Each book downloaded ranks alone in a small bookcase. Next play, the show was a full page landscape mode and an open book with pages displayed left-right. The pages turn like a real book. A graphic success. The font size is customizable, more for the wrong views. The only real problem lies in the playing time allowed by the backlight, tiring for the eyes. In the darkness, you are advised not to exceed the hours of reading.

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10 Important Accessories For IPad
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