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5 most idiotic ways to promote your blog

We have already discuss about many techniques to increase blog traffic like  which is the most important Factor to earn money with adsense publishers,but in this blog I am going to tell you some crazy but effective techniques to promote your blog.
5 most idiotic ways to promote your blog

Many of you will laugh at me after reading my article about top 5 most idiotic ways to promote your blog but I must say these are the most funny and effective traffic that increase your traffic up to 30% not much but good for nothing,I don’t want to make false promises that you will get 80% traffic but i can guarantee you will get 30% traffic from the idiotic ways below.

However, after today, I believe some of them will surely give a try to the below mentioned tips.  Personally, I have tried one of the tip, and got some remarks from my friends and that were “Idiot, what are you doing? ;) ” so, after receiving such remarks, I decided to name these tips as idiotic ways to promote the business. Actually, not only the online, you can also promote offline business.

So lets get started to the 5 most idiotic ways to promote your blog powered by

1.Friend circle

Every person has its unique fried circle with minimum 5 close friends tell them about your blog and also tell about your cool articles that you post in your blog and tell them to visit daily even tell them to promote your blog.From my personal opinion on friend can say no to you and you will automatically famous in your locality with your blog.

Tip:Make a blog about your 5 close friend that will definitely help you to get good traffic.

2.Public Toilets

Public toilets are one of the most freaker choices to go with. The public fills mostly public toilets with some random crap, and you will see lot of 3rd grade jokes, and quotes, even you will find some person’s numbers too. So don’t hesitate to use them for your marketing, and advertising of your blog and business.

It’s funny way but its works.

3.Dusty Car Windows

I know you are a creative person then don’t hesitate to show your creativity on dusty car window.

Get yourself to some open-parking lot, you will find number of non-cleaned cars with windows full of dust. The window full of dust is like an empty whiteboard to write anything on it. Use to write your blog name or your brand name. It will do a free and wider advertising for you.


Sms is the common technique to tell every friend about your blog,Just simply prepare a sms about your blog and cool post after you done send your sms to all your friends.

Tips:Also use Facebook,twitter,whats app,Line to send free sms.

5.College Benches

Yes, you can use them, not only for sitting with your friends, or to wait for someone you can actually make them use for your marketing and free of cost promotion of your business and online blog. You can write your brand name there, or your website URL with interesting offers.


I hope these activities will make you laugh at loud at yourself, ;) and as well as will bring number of remarks to your marketing approaches for your online / offline business. Do let me what is your most idiotic way to promote your blog?

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5 most idiotic ways to promote your blog
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