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Start with blog today

Many of my friends get rid of those online studies and none of my friend not getting any profit of there,So then i finally think to make a free Blogging tips for all and let each and every one aware of that.In this below article i will you how to start with the blog or with the new blog.
some special tips for you at the end.

If want to start your blog today then be in mind for the first year of your blog don’t be a earner always be a learner.This is the most important part of each and every blogger that is successful today.
How to start a Blog
Just follow each and every steps below and if you have doubt then don’t hesitate to comment below,I am your friend Web Guru Tech Admin

First you need to choose your topic
First of all think what you are interested in and what you want to do with your blog your future.
Don’t use other thinking use your thinking what is your interest of field.
The best to find topic about your new blog … is to pick a topic that you are passionate about.
Once you have a good topic… you’ll next need to find a domain name.
Focus on your blog’s aim and you will get success for sure but if you do not know what you want to achieve from your blog then I suggest think of it because blogging is not a joke it needs lots of temperament and patience.

Find the Domain name
Then take a domain name according to your topic that you think earlier.
  • Choose remediable domain
  • Not more that 15 words
  • Easy and attractive
  • May describe your topic and your choice of interest.
Make sure you pick a great name, incorporating the tips above.
Don’t change your domain later. It’ll surely screw your blog. You can search for available domain names and register them with You could get a domain name for as low as $10-$15. Not a big deal. Godaddy also providers discount coupons.
You can also use these domain name suggestion tools to find a perfect domain for your blog.

Sign Up with a Web Host:
After you take your domain now the most important step is hosting for wordpress.
What is wordpress?
WordPress is the the gift of God that will help you to make your website and you do what ever you want to do with your site like changing themes,add post,add pages and never ending thins as like your mobile play store.

Choosing a best web hosting is also very important to start a blog. There are many web hosting companies that do lots of promises while signing up but at the end they fail to deliver.
The best WordPress Hosting Providers are:
What things to remember while taking hosting:
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Analytic tools
  • Email
  • Sub domain
Personal opinion:Blue host is the best server ever and I am using this site hosting with bluehost.(Cheap price,24*7  facility,Best deals ever).

Install wordpress
After you take your hosting now it’s time to install your wordpress.
Next step on how to start a blog is to setup WordPress on Web hosting. If you are using the Bluehost web hosting, most likely you will be dealing with the CPanel. We can setup WordPress in the CPanel interface.

Open wordpress
Now open your wordpress account with your username and password and hit on the log in button.

Write your first post:
Now you can start writing your first post in the field directly. As it’s your first post you can add some information about yourself, your blog and purpose of this.
Now click the Publish button. You can also click on the Preview Changes button to see how your post looks.
WOW, Congratulations! You have just published your first post on your very own self-hosted WordPress blog.

Write your pages:
  • Only make 4 pages.(Home,Privacy Policy,About us,Contact us)
  • Make you page simple and attrative.

What’s next in how to start a blog guide?

Ultimate guide on How to start a blog is completed. That’s all. As I mentioned in starting of this how to start a blog guide that there are some special tips for you.
Here it is!
Some articles that worth reading. They’ll help you to improve your blog, getting traffic and making money from blog.

My final word to star the blog:
Good luck to everyone who has a new blog or is thinking of starting one! . I’ve spend lot of time for research of this how to start a blog guide.
I want YOU to help me in making this “how to start a blog” guide go viral and helping newbies to start a blog.
You can consider sharing this post on social networks using below social sharing buttons. You can also link back to this post from your blog post if you want.

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