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Top 15 best wordpress plugin of all time

If you are a new blogger and you are are confused which plugins are to be installed that i must say you will find the gold here because the below plugin is used by professional bloggers all around the world and as well as by me in

So here is the the most killing list of top 15 wordpress plugin that increase your site Traffic,Speed,Performance and much more.

Top 15 best wordpress plugin of all time
It is the free plugin,most of my friends don’t install it because they think this is the waste of time but let me tell you friends this is the most important plugin that protect your site from hack and bad practices around the world.

2.All In One SEO Pack
This is also one of the famous plugin that increase your website traffic and increase your page rank in Google search engine.

Captcha is the plugin that decrease your spam comment that is the important thing and you will make your reader fell good when he or she comment on your posts.

4.Contact Form 7
This plugin help to make your reader easily contact to you with your email id and wordpress account.
Simple and effective plugin use by professional blogger.

5.Facebook Like Box
If you are confused how to add widget box in your website that this plugin solve your problem from the roots.
All you have to do install this plugin and go to Appearance than widget you will see the Facebook widget box add it and just type your Facebook page id and Facebook page URL.

6.Google XML Sitemaps
People say this plugin do nothing but I say this plugin only do a lot that no one plugin can do,this is the most important plugin that help Google to rank your post on its Search engine.

7.Jetpack by
Jetpack is the gift of god i must say,One plugin but it so much work like:
  • Mobile theme compatibility with all devices
  • Share you post with Social bookmarking like Facebook,Twitter,Google plus.
  • Look your picture gallery attractive.
  • Seo analysis.
  • Fast loading that increase you website speed.
Important:After installing jetpack make sure you login with WordPress.

8.W3 Total Cache
Improve site performance and user experience via caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.

This plugin helps you to keep your database clean by removing post revisions and spams in a blaze. Additionally it allows you to run optimize command on your WordPress core tables (use with caution).
To clean your file and increase website speed after installing wp-optimize.
  • You will see a column WP-Optimize open it.
  • Click on Optimize.

It Reduces image file sizes and improve performance using the API within WordPress.
One of my favorite plugin of all time.

11.Google XML Sitemap for Images
This plugin will generate a XML Image Sitemap for your WordPress blog. Just After installing this plugin Open the settings page to create your image sitemap.

12.Thumbnail For Excerpts
Thumbnail For Excerpts allow easily, without any further work, to add thumbnails wherever you show excerpts (archive page, feed…).

13.WordPress SEO
The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more.

Best plugin to stop spam registration.  WangGuard protects each web site in a personalized way using information provided by Administrators who report sploggers world-wide, that’s why it’s very important that you report your sploggers to WangGuard. The longer you use WangGuard, the more effective it will become.

15.Limit Login Attempts
Must have WordPress Plugin to protect blog from hackers and limit the login attempts. It Limit rate of login attempts, including by way of cookies, for each IP.

I think that's all

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Top 15 best wordpress plugin of all time
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