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Top Reasons Why Your Guest Post Get Rejected ?

Guest post a term every blogger is aware off. Guest posting came into picture about 2-3 years back in blogger niches due to high demand of authors on websites and blogs. Guest authoring is one of the best way to get a back-link from a well know and well established blog or website.

Now a day’s it’s like a trend to write guest article for blogs with a high DA (domain authority) and get a back-link for your site for getting good ranking in Google Search Engines. Due to this many writers come into picture and started writing guest article for other. In this many authors are good and few are fraud, you can read How to choose right guest author by Benny Mathur for getting help in choosing good guest authors.

Why you’re Guest Article Are Rejected
Now, in today’s time everyone is writing guest post. The main reason of your guest post rejection is as follows
1. Less Quantity Article
2. Low Quality Article
3. Bad English or Grammar

Less Quantity Article

Guest article have a minimum word length of 500 words. Any article with less than 500 words can be rejected. This is because any article with less than 500 words is not indexed in Google search directory and has no effect on blog rank. So, try to write more than 500 words in each of your articles.

Low Quality Article

Here, low Quality can relate to anything from poor English, Grammar, spelling mistakes. One more major criteria of low quality article is related to Search Engine optimization where keyword comes into frame. Keyword is the Key to success of any article you publish online. Google Search Engine crawls for Keywords whenever a new article comes alive from any of the millions of blogs on the internet.
A term Keyword Stuffing is one that every blogger should know, and must use it more often. Sometime over stuffing an article with keywords can also cause drastic damage to your blog rank.

Poor English or Grammar

What is blogging about? Expressing your views right! So If you have a poor English how can u express your views and make an understanding in the mind of the person reading it. If you read carefully many guest authors have a poor English and write article for just getting back-link from a well repudiated websites and blog.
To overcome this problem you can read novels , newspapers etc. One of the best help you can get is from Microsoft word you can always use spell check and grammar check for quickly correcting your mistakes before sending in your guest post.

These are major reasons why you might got your guest article rejected. Working on these points will surly make your guest post accepted and you are good to grow.

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Top Reasons Why Your Guest Post Get Rejected ?
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