Monday, March 2, 2015

Why You Should Take Rest From Continues Blogging?

Blogging is an addiction for who ever know the depth of blogging. This sometime creates a whole new world of blogging for a blogging.

Blogging for so long duration can cause many health relating problems. It’s better advised to take break from blogging for a small continuation to freshen your minds. The need of break is also to get new ideas all the way long, as you keep blogging continuously new ideas stops to come to your mind and you start to lose hope , article authenticity and its effectiveness for your readers.

The one thing that a blogger should take into consideration is the depth and authenticity of their blog article, as I have observed big bloggers they never keep posting article every other day , what do they do is that , they take up to 1-3 days working on one article then publish it. The work is not over yet, then they study the reactions of the readers and views to that article then after 1 week time they start working on the next article.

Side-effect’s of Continues Blogging

There are many unseen side effect of continues blogging. Here are some I will list below:-

1. Always keep thinking , yes a bloggers mind is a work shop 24 hours thinking about new blog ideas , this makes your life miserable something because you have to care about other things too other then blogging.

2. Less Sleep, one of the major drawback for new bloggers they stress too much and give up their sleeping for blogging.

3. Down-gradation of article quality after few weeks of continues blogging. Most of the bloggers take too much stress of blogging that they forget to hang out with friends and get more new ideas about blogging.

4. They can’t able to enjoy there life with their friends. As When they wanted to enjoy, blogging stop them from this.  

All these are the side effect of continues blogging.  I will suggest you take a rest from a blogging be with your family and friends and enjoy your life. LIVE EACH AND EVERY MOVEMENT of life

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Why You Should Take Rest From Continues Blogging?
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