Friday, April 17, 2015

become the first rank in google page

Be Number One Google Search was now no longer a difficult, you do not need to use seo techniques are complicated and learn by spending hundreds of dollars to learn techniques to google search engine optimization for your website url in the top 10 google search even get the first rank in the search google.

You just imagine, you are user search about something and type in keywords = KW in the search engine google. Example if you are looking for free ebook, what keywords would you click? “Free download ebook”. “Free ebook blabla”, you probably will not write “ebook blabla” because this is also going to enter the url address of the web that sell E-books, while you are looking for a free ebook.

How do I determine the right keywords? Actually this is the same way I get the most of high paying adsense, using Google AdWords: Keyword Tool, You simply write your targeted keywords, and you’ll have this keyword in the search engines often written, Recommend to try the keyword that is still little competition for your website can become Number One Google search and increase blog traffic
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become the first rank in google page
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