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How To Write Killer Blog Posts To Attract More Visitors?

Many blogger don’t know how to write blog posts that attract more visitors to your site and gave your more and more traffic,So don’t worry my friends if you don’t know How To Write Killer Blog Posts To Attract More Visitors,in this below article i will tell each and every thing to attract more visitors to your site. ✏

I welcome you all to my new Blogging tips article in this article I will let you know how to write a perfect blog to attract more visitors to your blog,So lets get started to the killing 6 blog tips to write posts:

1.Write killer Headlines:

In every article readers first see the headline of the post and if the headlines look attractive them he click on it and read the full article.

Always be in mind Headline is the heart of your article or post,write your headline attractive.

Check out this excellent post to get idea of 100 proven heading hacks, you can steal right now.

2.Add your own story:

Blogs are a place of conversation.

You can find all information about anything at their official website or Wikipedia.

But blogs are different.

There needs to be a touch of real talking style and tone. It should be like two people are talking to each other sitting face-to-face.

And, the best way for doing so is to add your own real story or experience wherever appropriate.

3.Make use of emotions and smiles:

Your readers are human beings right?

And, humans have feeling. ;)

Every reader has different felling at starting of the post and at the end of post make you reader mind similar till the end of the post with the cool and effective smileys. ✌

And, trust me when I tell you, when you say something funny and put a smile at the end of sentence, anyone who readers will smile and love your words.

4.Use simple language:

Every blogger thinks that he is professional in blogging and what ever he or she writes every one read it,let me tell you very frankly that no one read your article if you think you are a genius.let me give you my tip always be a learner because no one is perfect in this world not you either I.

They think they need to write high class English and do amazing references in order to create a killer post, but that’s not how it is. If you want to write a killer post then the only thing that you need to do is to express your point in such a way that it becomes clear and easy to understand.

The best way for doing so is by using simple English that everyone can digest.

5.Use attractive images:

In order in to write killer posts and then make them success, you need to know the importance of images.

Using attractive and relevant images in articles result in wonderful progress.

They make your articles look pretty and boredom free while at the same time, they provide readers something to look at for a while and start reading again after becoming fresh by that.

6. Write in short paragraphs:

There are usually very long paragraphs in newspapers and books and some bloggers do the same.

But you need to realize one thing that no matter how good you write, if there are long paragraphs, not even one person will be interested in reading your blog post.

There is a difference between paper and computer screen. You can look at newspapers for hours without feeling anything bad, but it is impossible in case of monitors and LCD’s.

Your eyes cannot look at them and read long posts without having a brake. Hence, writing your posts in shorter paragraphs is a must for creating a blog post that works.


I simply tried my very hard to reveal the best practices for writing killer posts and now it’s up to you.

Do you miss any of above things already? How it has affected your blog? Let your fingers speak of your mind in comments section below.

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How To Write Killer Blog Posts To Attract More Visitors?
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