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How To Remove Broken Links From A WordPress Blog

How To Remove Broken Links From A Wordpress Blog wordpress guide blogging guide
Being a blogger or a webmaster is a very tough job, and honestly speaking being a blogger is the toughest,
You will have to look after everything on your blog from SEO to creating blog posts for your website and even managing your social networks. You take care of all the aspects of your website and manage everything on your website like link building, keywords optimization and the most important broken links.
In short, Webmasters and bloggers performs all sorts of SEO to increase their site visibility and to get more traffic. But most of use seems to forget to remove our dead links.
Almost every webpage contains an outbound links and it is natural for some of the outbound links to become dead in the course of time. And whenever a user clicks on the dead link an error page is rendered. Having broken links in your blog can cause serious issues with your blogs SEO. For this a WordPress plugin comes to the rescue, this WordPress plugin can remove all the dead/broken links from your WordPress blog very easily.
The WordPress Plugin is called Broken Link Checker. Broken Link Checker Plugin is completely free.It enables you to check for broken web links on your blog and can remove the links from your blog. Broken Link Checker Plugin can be easily installed on your current WordPress blog from the WordPress plugin directory or you may download the plugin and install it using your FTP client.

Main Features Of The Plugin:-

  1. Monitors links in your posts, pages, comments, the blogroll, and custom fields (optional).
  2. Detects links that don’t work, missing images and redirects.
  3. Notifies you either via the Dashboard or by email.
  4. Makes broken links display differently in posts (optional).
  5. Prevents search engines from following broken links (optional).
  6. You can search and filter links by URL, anchor text and so on.
  7. Links can be edited directly from the plugin’s page, without manually updating each post.
  8. Highly configurable.

Installing Broken Link Checker Plugin Through FTP:-

  1. Download the file to your computer.
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Upload broken-link-checker folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

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How To Remove Broken Links From A WordPress Blog
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