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7 Top Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

Recently there is a lot of discussion about the benefits of blogging. Almost every blogger comments that blogging has been immensely helpful. This might inspire you to start a blog of your own. But you may still be skeptical about its outcome. So, we have come up with seven such reasons that will make blogging a rewarding experience for you. I have already written a complete guide on How to start a blog using Blogger platform just visit the link How To Make a Blog

1. Increases your Network

The first best thing about blogging is that it increases your network. You get connected to new people. Regular interaction with your new friend circle often renders positive impact in your professional and personal life too.

2. A canvas for your Creation

Blog is the only personal space where you can become highly creative. You can change the way it looks. You can customize its contents and interface. You can also spend countless hours on it while nurturing your creative mind without being bored at all. The result of your creative effort will be right in front of you, acting as a great reward.

3. You can be an Author

If you have flair of writing, blog is the best place which can sharpen your talent further and establish yourself as an author. Whatever you write in a blog gets noticed by the readers immediately. Consequently, they come up with comments and reviews concerning the same. The feedback works in shaping your skills further.

4. You can grow Wealthy

You might be flabbergasted, but blogs sometimes contribute towards increasing your financial capacity. You can offer a series of services, such as training, consultation, teaching, product promotion and advertising through blogs. This can earn you revenue in return. The blog of Parez Hilton is a suitable example in this case. It gets a daily traffic of 4 million visitors and earns about $111,000 a month from ad revenue.

5. Create social awareness

In case if you are a socially conscious being, blog can be a great way to express that. You can put up a grave social cause in your blog, raise money for charity and help the needy with the accumulated sum. The blog of Tuts Plus is one such blog which holds more than 1000 articles and it has huge traffic and generates daily income of $6000.

6. A platform for exchange of ideas

Blog is the best way to express your ideas or comments on allied issues. You might have disapproval for a political decision executed recently or you might wish to cheer for a social cause. Blog is the best platform where you can express it all and get heard in the process.

7. You can stay up-to-date

A regular blogger remains much up-to-dated as compared to an ordinary person. Several niche topics are discussed, several views are exchanged and several issues are raised. All these enrich the knowledge of a blogger on variety of topics.

These merits of blogging are numerous. We have provided some for you that are quite inspirational. We are certain that these factors will instigate you to create a blog of your own.

7 Top Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog