Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Five Must Have Elements On Your Blog

Well while creating a new blog me must take care of all the small things that will make the blog stand out of the crowd. A new visitor will surely leave your blog if he/she does not finds the necessary element that a blog should pose.

Almost thousands of websites owners are finding new ways daily to convert their one time visitors into a regular blog readers. Having a good blog design and then good SEO optimization for your blog will surely boost your blog visitors.

Every webmaster should carefully examine his blog as a visitor, not as a blog owner. Examining your blog with the eyes of a visitor will make you understand what actually makes your visitors to leave your blog. Having too much advertisements will also make your visitors to simply leave the blog. So today I will be sharing with you all the five must have elements on your blog to engage your visitors.

Here Are The Five Must Have Elements On Your Blog:-
1) Professional Design
This is the first and the most important element of any web blog. Having a professional blog design makes your visitor feel that the blog is run by a professional team of bloggers or whatever.
Your website must not appear as scam site instead your blog must be perceived as a legitimate site. Your graphics and fonts must blend well with each other. Your web blog should appear as dynamic with almost no spelling mistakes on your blog posts.
Images on your blog should be of high quality and must not distract your visitor in any way. Try to add all necessary widgets on your blog like recent post’s , Top posts, Top commenters etc.. Try using Genesis or Thesis theme frameworks if you are using WordPress, as they offer full customization of blog theme.

2) Navigation
This is another important element of a blog. All your webpages must be connected well with each other or else your visitors might not be able to easily able to navigate. Every section should be connected with your blog’s main page and with concise menu’s. Do not let your visitors spend too much time looking for different blog sections. Also having an easy navigation will help you a bit in getting approved for AdSense if you ever apply.

Your blog must have a unique and professionally done logo as it will brand your website. Having a logo will make your visitors remember your website quickly as they see it again. A professional logo specifies that it owned by some legitimate business owners. Also a unique logo will make an impression on your visitors mind, Right?  Which will ultimately grow your blog.

4)Contact Us & Privacy Policy
Having a Contact us page will let your visitors relax a bit, as myself whenever I visit any website first I check whether the site has a contact page. Having a contact page will make your visitor feel that there is someone to listen to their queries. A blog without a proper contact page is just of no use… Also blog with a non-functioning contact page is also useless. Try to reply to your blog queries as soon as possible, people like to engage themselves on blogs which are always active.
Privacy policy is not much necessary but it will be great if your blog has one. Privacy policy will let your visitor understand what information you collect when they visit your site. With the number of increasing spam on the internet people are afraid to share their mailing address etc..on different blogs. to help elevate the fear you can create a Privacy Page.
5) About
To help your visitor know about you or your business you must include an About page in your website. Your visitors will surely be happy knowing some details about you and also to know that this blog is actually run by a real human and not robots.

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Five Must Have Elements On Your Blog
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