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How To Gain More Subscribers For Your Blog


Do you want more subscribers?
Would you like to convert you visitors in loyal readers?
Well, we all know that a blog without visitors and subscribers is nothing, and retaining your blog visitor is a difficult job. You must be having a lot of traffic to get more subscribers for your blog. It has been found in surveys that only 1-5% of you reader like to comment on your blog, and you can imagine how many of them would actually like to subscribe to your blog.
Many blogs especially the newly created ones will surely have a high bounce rate. This means that many of your visitors would go somewhere else after visiting your blog. This is not good for your blog as you can’t attract them. Imagine you get 1000 visitors daily and you have only 20-50 subscribers, will your blog grow? No, it isn’t possible to grow a blog will such less amount of subscribers even if you have got a lot of traffic.
In my opinion most blogs have high bounce rates only for this reasons:
Their blogs isn’t easy to navigate.
Contains too many links too external websites.
Their headlines or contents are not grabbing attention of their readers.
Of course if your blog has high quality contents, your visitors will surely subscribe to your blog, however you might be missing be some additional tips that might help you out to get more from your blog visitors. There are some really very simple way that will help you out in this case, and that is what we are talking about. So, what are those tips? How can you get more blog subscribers? Well, simply check out the tips given below to get more subscribers for your blog.

Tips to Get More Subscribers for your blog

Blog frequently

Are you blogging frequently? If you blog only once a month then it’s not going to generate traffic for your blog. You must blog at least twice or thrice a week.
Even I myself don’t want to subscribe or visit a blog which is inactive for a long period of time. We have got lots and lots of websites in the internet and therefore, we always tend to move to some other blog which is active and has a good community.
Blogging three times a day or three times a week doesn’t matter, all you need is to be consistent.

Engage your readers

Providing useful links like, Related post, recent posts and most commented post will surely engage your visitors on your blog they will click on those links and will surely browse around 3-5 pages of your website.
What else? Once they browse your pages, they will be linking your blogs if your contents are good enough…If not simply forget about them :-/

Subscription box at the right place

Having Subscription boxes at the right place will surely bring in a lot of subscribers for your blog. Many of the blogs that I visited did not had the subscription box, or had it in an unnoticeable place.
The best location to place your subscription box is your blogs sidebar, subscription box widget should be placed first, and the rest below it. Another great location to place the subscription box is at the end of the article. By placing the subscription box at the above locations you may invite your readers to subscribe whether they are above or below the fold.


Sponsoring Giveaways are can bring in a lot of traffic and comments as well as Subscribers. You can sponsor giveaways from time to time, letting them to get involved in your blog. This will give you a strong chance to help you attract as much subscribers as you can.

Over to you:

Hope that you liked the article and my tips

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How To Gain More Subscribers For Your Blog
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