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How to increase AdSense Cost-Per-Click (CPC) ?

For a person whose main income comes from AdSense, increasing AdSense Cpcis very important. This must be dealt with the tactics. Getting higher cost per click is not an easy job. The ways of making user click more and more, have to be learnt. When AdSense optimization skills are being discussed, the main target is to achieve high eCPM. In spite of well AdSense CTR, a person may not be getting a good sum of money.

Ways of making AdSense cpc higher:

There are many people who are not getting high AdSense Cpc. Here are some points that may help those people. Cpc stands for cost per click, as said earlier. People foolishly go for achieving a higher CTR. But it is not that effective. They do not try to understand that CTR does not take part much is gaining revenue out of AdSense. One should aim for getting higher Cost per Click. One thing has to be understood that higher Cpc with average CTR can make a great difference.

CPC dominates over CTR:

CPC should be given more stress and not the CTR. Only CTR cannot make the revenue high. Many sites gain higher AdSense revenue without high CPC, but they have immensely high eCPM. Selecting the correct niche is very important while AdSense optimization. The Cost per Click depends mostly on the topic on which the blog is written. The topic will attract the reader. Then only the clicks will be made. So the topic has to be catchy.

Selecting correct niche is necessary:

Though the niche can be anything, but it is surprising that there are few niches for which the payment is higher. At first is the domain. Selecting topics related to domains like Yahoo, Go Daddy, etc. makes the higher payment. Then is selecting topics related to gadgets. It is a hot topic in today’s world. Writing about the many products and gadgets attract a huge part of users.
Tactics to achieve more Cost per click:
People show keen interest in gadgets these days. They want to know every detail about the products as soon as it comes to market. People want to be updated always. So these sites are very popular. Hence the Cpc will automatically be higher for these niches. Then another important topic can also raise the revenue. It is the topic of Google. Anything related to Google can increase the AdSense Cpc. Google is launching many new features every now and then. So people are always searching topics related to Google for help. This niche is also important for AdSense optimization.

Some specific niches to be remembered:

For increasing AdSense Cpc, niches related to Microsoft Office must be dealt with. Microsoft Office is updating their products very frequently. They are always adding new features to their products. Users are always searching topics related to MS Office on the net. So this will increase the Cpc. There are few more niches also that are important in increasing the AdSense Cpc. These are Banking, Automobiles, Health, Real Estate, Home Loans, Jobs, Dating and Romance. The last topic fetches the smallest Cpc. The topics written above have to be maintained in the same order. These topics help a lot in increasing the AdSense Cpc.

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How to increase AdSense Cost-Per-Click (CPC) ?
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