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How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Using StumbleUpon

Everyone knows that StumbleUpon is the best traffic generator as compared to other social networks. In 2011 StumbleUpon surpassed Facebook in the amount of traffic referred to the websites, regardless of the niche of the blog. StumbleUpon has got lots of categories so, it won’t be difficult for you to find the category that bests suits your blog.
StumbleUpon is a really awesome social-bookmarking site that will help you to get traffic to your newly written posts as well as on your old posts. StumbleUpon can bring in a lot of traffic for you but there is a problem with it, the traffic isn’t highly targeted means that there will be a very low conversion rate.
But, forget about conversion rates for a while and stick to the topic now. So, how can you increase your traffic with StumbleUpon? Well, actually there are no top secrets for improving your traffic with StumbleUpon. All that we will be sharing today are some basic tips that might help you to improve your blog traffic with it… So, shall we get started???
Here are few simple and basic tips to improve your traffic using StumbleUpon. Remember this tips are not necessarily going to improve your traffic, it completely depends upon you and the quality of your article, and therefore it may or may not help you.

5 Tips to Increase Your Blog/Website Traffic Using StumbleUpon

1| Become a Stumbler

The very first step is to become a Stumbler. You will not be able to use StumbleUpon in the right way, unless you become a Stumbler. After signing up for StumbleUpon and becoming a Stumbler you must set up your profile in a very comprehensive way and don’t forget to add your profile picture. After doing those two things, you will now have to choose you interests, StumbleUpon will then show you different webpages, articles, videos and images based on you interests. After you have “stumble” though those webpages you will have to vote on whether you liked those suggestion’s or not.

2| Subscribe other like-minded Stumblers

As you know that StumbleUpon enables you to browse through different webpages of your interests that you might not find it otherwise. StumbleUpon is a bit similar to twitter, to get followers you will have to first follow other users in your niche, and wait for them to follow you back.
StumbleUpon will help you to get highly targeted followers. To get more followers in StumbleUpon, all you have to do is take some time and research on keywords that are very well related to your website niche. You will find people those who will be interested on those topics. Simply follow them and share you contents with them.

3| Great Content

The main secret to get tons of well-targeted traffic is Great content. Content is king and therefore if your content is not good enough you won’t be getting good amount of traffic. If you content is not good enough to make the Stumblers hit the like button it will be buried quickly and I am sure that you will be knowing what will happen if your content is buried, But if your content can attract traffic on other social media like Facebook and Twitter then there are more chances of your article/content performing very well in StumbleUpon too.

4| Submit interesting pages from different sites

Don’t just simply submit your own webpages, try to submit interesting page from other blogs and authors too. You followers will be bored if you submit contents only from your blog. And also StumbleUpon may prohibit your activity if you promote only your own stuffs. You can also get to know which of your discoveries has been liked the most, which may eventually help you to get more ideas about what your followers likes and what they don’t.

5| Use their URL Shortening service is and URL shortening service from StumbleUpon, your URL will be given more priority than any other normal links. You may also let submit your posts to Facebook and Twitter. Also whenever your link is visited by any internet user +1 is added to the stumble count.


StumbleUpon is a great social bookmarking site but it is not so much popular like other social networks. Most business owners don’t know how to use StumbleUpon at its best to drive more traffic to their websites. Even if the traffic from StumbleUpon has low conversion rates, it doesn’t matter because something is always better than nothing!

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How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Using StumbleUpon
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