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Rel='author' What Is That, And How Can You Benefit From It

When it comes to promoting your site, there are a number of tools that you may want to learn about. One of the relatively new tools that you can use to help yourself is the Rel="author" tag. What exactly is this tag and how can it help you in the future?

What is Rel="author"?

This is a tag that was introduced by Google last year. With this tag, you can put it in the header of your webpages and be featured as the author of the content. When your site shows up in the Google rankings, you can have your name featured in the rankings as the author of the content. If you've seen any pictures of people and their names featured in the Google rankings lately, it's because of this tag.

Integrating the Tag

The tag works in conjunction with your Google+ profile. When you use this tag, you have to include a link to your Google+ profile behind it. In your Google+ profile, you also have to include a link back to the site where you want to be featured as the author. This connects your Google+ profile with your website. Once you do this, the author tag pulls the profile picture from your Google+ profile and uses it in the search results of your pages. To acheive this, just follow my below article.

Importance of Google+

Google has been promoting the Google+ social network a lot since it came out. They want to be able to integrate it more into the search engine results over time. This is one step in that direction, and shows that they are serious about making search more social. If you want to be able to use this feature, you're going to have to sign up for a Google+ account and set everything up properly.


One of the big advantages of using this tag is that it can lend you some credibility in the search engine results. Instead of seeing some link to a faceless website without any clue of who wrote the material, users can see a picture of a friendly author. This gives your articles a little bit of credibility and shows people that someone real actually put some thought into the content.

Help With SEO

The Rel="author" tag also has the potential to help you with SEO as well. When you have a picture and your name featured in the search engine results, it can increase click-through rates. If your site's click-through rate increases, Google takes notice of this. This is one of the factors that Google uses to determine how your site is ranked in the search engines. If you get a good ranking in the search engines, it increases the number of people who click on your link, and makes it so that you get more traffic. While this isn't the only factor that search engines will look at, it does come into play.


If you are not currently using the author tag, you may want to start. It can give you a little bit of credibility as an author and make it so that you can develop relationships with your readers. People like to know who wrote the content that they're looking at, and they will be much more likely to click on a link that has this tag.

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Rel='author' What Is That, And How Can You Benefit From It
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