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Tips to optimize your adsense ads for higher revenue

Google AdSense is the largest advertising network and also the highest paying ad network. Google AdSense is used by almost every `good quality website. Most of the websites owners today, are dependent on Google AdSense for their living. Most of them are today actually making a living through AdSense but some are not making sufficient revenue from AdSense. You may be thinking what must be the reason? Well the reason is that they are unable to optimize their AdSense ads in a perfect manner. Optimizing your AdSense ads will surely increase your website revenue. However, it is very important that you optimize your AdSense ads according to your website.
It has been observed that webmasters don’t choose the ads according to their websites look and feel also they simply choose random ads sizes for their websites and place them where ever they find it easy, they do not think of placing ads where people are likely to click their ads, which will definitely lower their earnings, they may be earning two or three times less as compared to an optimized ads. The first and the most important step to optimize your ads should be that you place the ads where it is likely to be clicked by your visitors.
The key to increase to your AdSense revenue lies in your website itself. Simply visit your site and examine it try to see your website with the eye of a visitor. Then choose the best pace for your ads make sure you do not distract your visitors by placing ads on wrong locations. If you are successful in choosing the right place for your ads then you will notice an increase in your Click-through-rate (CTR) and also your earnings. Following the above steps we are giving you three more tips that may help you to increase your AdSense revenue.
Three Killer Tips to Increase AdSense Revenue:
1)      Place Ads On the Top
Placing ads on the top increases the chances of getting clicked by visitors also placing the ads near the articles will also improve your CTR. However do not place too many ads on the top as they will surely distract your visitors and also it will harm your website ranking as your content will be clouded by advertisements.

2)      Interlinking your content
Interlinking can be the best way to increase your AdSense revenue, interlinking your contents will keep your visitors engaged on your website which should increase the number of page views on your blog, thus increasing the average time spent by a user on your website and will also improve your search engine rankings.
3)      Use wider ads
Wider ad formats catch more attention of the visitor and it is more likely to be clicked. Wider ads are more appealing and can be read very easily therefore a visitor is more likely to click on a wider ad than a normal one. Wider ads take more space which can double the chances of your ads being clicked.
Hope that these tips will help you to increase your Google AdSense Revenue, if you have any suggestions, tips, feedback or want to share another great tip to increase revenue you can leave your comments below. If you like the article do not forget it to share it with your friends

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Tips to optimize your adsense ads for higher revenue
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