Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Why majority of new blogs fail?

In the recent history, blogging was started as a hobby where one used to express his views and experience regarding the various things around. Earlier,an individual’s blog was too much centered on his life and philosophy, but since it was about views, it had no limits. Within no time the views became public and blogging took a new turn.

Now sticking to the basic and stepping in future, people started writing their views about various other things in the surroundings, also technology and advancement gathered the attention of a big crowd. Now hobby was about knowing about the technology and expressing it smartly.

That was not the end! Rather it was a mere beginning. Next shooting advancement in the field took place when the word “monetize” was introduced. Yea, it was about money. With change in economical prospects of various countries, people explored new ways of making money. Good blogs emerged out to be right place for online marketing and has been providing appreciable returns. Bloggers also realized this fact, and became more active towards it and entered into a competitive market. Towards the end of the last decade, blogging was turning into a huge business concept rather than a mere hobby. In a few years, market got flooded with n numbers of blogs and ours may be from one of them.
As a business entity, concept on blogging got related with monetizing the traffic and the concept of hobby got shaded away by big money. Since the numbers of competitors are increasing in market, 95% blogs are nothing but a failure of admin. The fact is hard to accept but gone are the days when every individual used to make money. It is team work and management what decides the success of a business at present. Knowledge is good, but SMART approach is the immediate need to stand in market.

In present scenario, the advancements in blogging call for regular updates in terms of articles, Search Engine Optimization, technological aids and many more. Highlighting back on article’s heading, it won’t be wrong to mention here that marked numbers of new blogs are introduced on web by school/college students as individuals. Nothing unexpected, at their level, it is tough to manage big things in real time. With the work load of studies and peer pressure time becomes biggest problem and finance as a follower. Starting from scratch is interesting initially but later it becomes a boredom due to less monitory returns and hence motivation level  goes down. If we focus on alexa rank, this term is hardly unknown to any blogger. It is easy for them to attain a rank of 2,00,000 but the real game starts after that. In order to monetize blog traffic, this can be one of the appreciable factors to project site market standards. Google Adsense is considered as a very efficient way to make money online from blogging and if we look in the west, it is a primary source of income there, for many. For a newbie’s effort, disabled adsense account is other fear factor of failure. People lose interest after making few hundred dollars followed by blocked account; may be fraud clicks activity.

As a blogger, if you want to succeed on web, first decide to work, have a plan, make a team and follow the right track. Most important and regular steps for success is accurate and timely follow up. A good blog is a result of science of web and art of management.

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Why majority of new blogs fail?
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