Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How to invite All facebook friends in 1 click

, A Facebook fan page is such an important part of promoting your business or blog or band or anything. Social media is now a days “part and parcel” of life. But how much of mouse tapping does it take to invite all your friends in one go, all my fellow bloggers know t
hat very well. So here I’ve found this excellent way to invite all the Facebook friends in just one click.

With the old Facebook design, there used to exist many Google Chrome extensions which used to easily let Page Admins to select all friends for sending a request to like a page. But with the new design, none of them worked. Inviting friends to like a page is such an important part. I already invited all my friends (800+) for many of my fellow bloggers and believe me it’s a big pain to select each and everyone with one click right on each of their profile picture in the list that pops up exactly just as shown in the image. Today one of my friends who is an emerging Guitarist made me an advertiser of the fan page of his Band for getting a few likes. It was again a headache to select each of them again and then submit that to send them a request.
With that laziness, i searched for a tool that could work for the new design. After tried many, i finally found one Google Chrome extension which worked. I shouted with joy when all the friends were selected in just one click for invitation to like the page “BOYCOT” (The Band) as shown in the snapshot.
Thus for all the visitors, and my fellow bloggers, here is the link for the chrome extension:
All you got to do is to install the extension, and follow the same procedure. Go to the page you need to invite likes for. Click on build audience and invite friends, the way you’ve been doing it so far and when the pop up is loaded with all your friend list (Be them Many) just click on the button added by the extension (instead of hitting everyone’s face) on the right of your URL and it will select them all in One Go.
Try it and give me Comments.