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Tips to optimize your adsense ads for higher revenue

Google AdSense is the largest advertising network and also the highest paying ad network. Google AdSense is used by almost every `good quality website. Most of the websites owners today, are dependent on Google AdSense for their living. Most of them are today actually making a living through AdSense but some are not making sufficient revenue from AdSense. You may be thinking what must be the reason? Well the reason is that they are unable to optimize their AdSense ads in a perfect manner. Optimizing your AdSense ads will surely increase your website revenue. However, it is very important that you optimize your AdSense ads according to your website. It has been observed that webmasters don’t choose the ads according to their websites look and feel also they simply choose random ads sizes for their websites and place them where ever they find it easy, they do not think of placing ads where people are likely to click their ads, which will definitely lower their earnings, they may be ear…

How to increase AdSense Cost-Per-Click (CPC) ?

For a person whose main income comes from AdSense, increasing AdSenseCpcis very important. This must be dealt with the tactics. Getting higher cost per click is not an easy job. The ways of making user click more and more, have to be learnt. When AdSense optimization skills are being discussed, the main target is to achieve high eCPM. In spite of well AdSense CTR, a person may not be getting a good sum of money. Ways of making AdSense cpc higher: There are many people who are not getting high AdSense Cpc. Here are some points that may help those people. Cpc stands for cost per click, as said earlier. People foolishly go for achieving a higher CTR. But it is not that effective. They do not try to understand that CTR does not take part much is gaining revenue out of AdSense. One should aim for getting higher Cost per Click. One thing has to be understood that higher Cpc with average CTR can make a great difference. CPC dominates over CTR: CPC should be given more stress and not the CTR. …