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Showing posts from July 6, 2015

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Using StumbleUpon

Everyone knows that StumbleUpon is the best traffic generator as compared to other social networks. In 2011 StumbleUpon surpassed Facebook in the amount of traffic referred to the websites, regardless of the niche of the blog. StumbleUpon has got lots of categories so, it won’t be difficult for you to find the category that bests suits your blog. StumbleUpon is a really awesome social-bookmarking site that will help you to get traffic to your newly written posts as well as on your old posts. StumbleUpon can bring in a lot of traffic for you but there is a problem with it, the traffic isn’t highly targeted means that there will be a very low conversion rate. But, forget about conversion rates for a while and stick to the topic now. So, how can you increase your traffic with StumbleUpon? Well, actually there are no top secrets for improving your traffic with StumbleUpon. All that we will be sharing today are some basic tips that might help you to improve your blog traffic with it… So, s…

How To Gain More Subscribers For Your Blog

Do you want more subscribers? Would you like to convert you visitors in loyal readers? Well, we all know that a blog without visitors and subscribers is nothing, and retaining your blog visitor is a difficult job. You must be having a lot of traffic to get more subscribers for your blog. It has been found in surveys that only 1-5% of you reader like to comment on your blog, and you can imagine how many of them would actually like to subscribe to your blog. Many blogs especially the newly created ones will surely have a high bounce rate. This means that many of your visitors would go somewhere else after visiting your blog. This is not good for your blog as you can’t attract them. Imagine you get 1000 visitors daily and you have only 20-50 subscribers, will your blog grow? No, it isn’t possible to grow a blog will such less amount of subscribers even if you have got a lot of traffic. In my opinion most blogs have high bounce rates only for this reasons: Their blogs isn’t easy…