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7 Most Important Search Engine Optimisation Elements On Your Blog

7 Most Important Search Engine Optimisation Elements On Your Blog

Every blogger wants his blog to be on the first page of Google’s search results, but not everybody has the knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation that will help him to get better rankings!
The blog will receive less amount of visitors, if you have not done your blog’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in a proper manner. You may even consider a hiring a Search Engine Marketing company that will do the job for your blog if you can’t do it yourself.

Search Engine Optimization Firms will offer you Search Engine Optimization Services and other Search Engine Optimization Tools for some reasonable prices, however, if you are a newbie on a tight budget it will seem to be a large amount for you.

Search Engine Optimisation depends on many elements of your blog, to determine the content on your blog and to rank it in their Search Results. Getting better ranking in SERP’s (Search Engines Results Page) depend on many factors like popularity, authority, number of backlinks etc.
So, let us now jump to the main elements of your blog that you must pay attention towards for better ranking in SERP’s and it is a Free Search Engine Optimization technique. So let us get started here;

Search Engine Optimization Tips To Get Your Blog On The First Page

1)      Title Tag
2)      Meta Description
3)      Keywords
4)      Content
5)      Keywords Frequency
6)      Links
7)      Readability

So, these were the topics that we are going to discuss now, So, let us, now discuss the topic in detail. We will be talking about what are they and why are they important.

Title Tag: Try to write attractive titles for your blog with the keywords in it. Make sure that you include the main keyword in your title, or you may not get better results. Before publishing your content do a good keyword research and then decide which keywords you are going to use. WordPress and other CMS allows you to even set secondary titles.
Meta Description: Meta description is the snippet of description that appears when you are searching for anything in Google or any other Search engine. Meta Description will allow to searcher to decide whether the webpage will contain the information he is looking for. Meta Description must not be too long, usually search engines uses only 165 characters for Meta. Create Meta description in such a way that attracts the Searcher.

Keywords: Keywords are also essential for ranking better. Keywords must be used in your posts title, in your posts first paragraph, in between the post and at the ending of the post. You can even highlight some keywords in bold and italics. Try to focus on keywords with less competition but with good amount of search.

Content: Try to write content fir your readers and not search engines. Your content should be unique, fresh and highly targeted on the topic, no matter it’s a 400 word article or one with 1000 words. Your content should contain your desired keywords in the right manner. It is always harder of a very short article like about 100 words to rank better in search engines, therefore it is recommended that you write at least 300 words for each post.

Keyword Frequency: Do not spam search engines with ‘Keyword Stuffing’. Your keywords frequency and density both must be in a suitable ratio. Keyword frequency in simple terms means how much time your keyword appears on your content. Density is the ratio of keywords with the rest of the words in your content. A density of 5% or more is considered as spamming by Google.
Links: Your content must link out to relevant webpages. Do not create too much links in a single posts or else this will also be of no good. Link to webpage which contain sufficient information of the topic. You may also inter-link your own pages.

Readability: This is the main thing, do not create content that cannot be read easily. Do use dark or very light colors for writing your blog posts text. Just make sure that your visitors can read the content easily.

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What is Google+ (Plus) and How It Will Help You

What is Google+ (Plus) and How It Will Help You

Google+ is a social network which helps you to connect with your friends. Every Gmail user has a Google+ profile whether he knows it or not. Google+ lets you manage whom you follow by dividing them in to groups called ‘Circles’. Google+ is slowly trying to become one of the greatest social network in the internet by automatically creating profiles for its Gmail Users.
Google plus What is Google+ (Plus) and How It Will Help You
Google has now implemented the authorship markup which lets you to show your Google+ profile in search results. The more the number of people have you in their circle the better are you chances to rank well in search’s (not always possible).

Google+ and Your Blog.

Whether you are looking for piece of information online, you may always want to visit an authority website. A website which is trusted more by the visitors. Right?
A website having 1000+ twitter shares or Facebook likes, is sure to contain good and highly relevant contents that you are looking for.
Similarly, while typing any random query in Google you seemed to encounter two webpages from two different authors. The first author seems to be having 15,000+ followers in his G+ profile and the second one is having about 7,000+ followers. Which one will you visit? The first one or the second?
Well, most of the users will surely visit the first author’s website as he has more followers and people will think that he has a good authority website.
Therefore, it is always better for you to implement the Google’s authorship markup to show to profile in search results.

How Google+ Works With Search Results.

Like, as said above the more the number of shares, likes and the better the chances of getting ranked high. Google also does the same thing it the social signals into account while ranking a page.
Getting on the first page of Search results is not only the matter of PageRank now. You must have to gain popularity to rank better. In other words, social media should be the new marketing strategy.
Well, Google Search works with Google+ using an algorithm known as Search Plus Your World. It is a new search feature that enhances searches with posts, photos and more from your friends. This new feature has completely changed the ranking factors. This feature has been for a while but many are still completely unaware of it.

How To Grow Your Google+ Network.

Growing your Google+ network is not a simple task. You must have to take a lot of things into consideration and has to grow your contacts. Here are a few tips that may help you to grow your network.
  • Connect with others
  • Follow as much people as you can
  • Publish an attention-grabbing post
  • Publish posts on authoritative sites
  • Let people link back to your post
  • Show sharing options on posts
  • Be active on Google+
These above mentioned points does not mean that they are surely going to grow your network, they depend on different circumstances. However that may lastly help you to build a powerful network. So try to follow those tips.