Friday, July 24, 2015

10 Ways To Choose Right Domain Name

Domain registration has become a simple process in today’s technology uplifted world. The process of creating domain name is easy and free from hassle. It only requires proper recognition of essential components that helps domain name to attain its popularity. It takes too much of thought and time to choose a proper name for your online objective. Selected name should be relevant, easily memorable and catchy. It also should have the ability of self promotion. The ultimate challenge is finding the ideal name.

There are certain tips to get a suitable domain name. Some are listed below.

1. Domain name should be relevant : The selected name should match with the concept of the website. The keyword included in the domain name will be more preferred, if possible. Through this, people who are in need can search it easily. Thus a relevant name can bring more traffic for your product.

2. Short domain name is too profitable : As short names can be easily memorized by the clients, it helps to achieve more money by creating too much of traffic online. Short names are cool, catchy and easily memorable too. Concentrate on short and simple name in order to achieve progress in the business.

3. Search Engine Optimization is needed : Optimization of domain name is necessary. It will help to improve the exposure of your website. Search engine requires queried keywords which helps the users to get relevant information with simple surf on the internet. It also helps your website to rank on top.

4. Branding of your product is essential : Domain name should be a branded one. It will give an extra power to your product on the web. It gives more benefit.

5. Rules regarding .Com : It is the often used word by the clients while searching for a website they needed. If global marketing is your aim use this extension and not use in case of local market.

6. Registration should be done for two years : Your domain name will get favors over other websites from major search engines if it is registered for two years. It is because of the combat scam Act.

7. Check for competitors : There may be similar domain name in the website. It will create confusions to the users. So check out whether there is any similar domain name and try to avoid it.

8. Search on Google : Proper searching should be done on Google because some of the words have secondary meaning which conveys negative aspect.

9. Things to watch out for : Don’t use symbols in your domain name.

10. Domain Registration : Once the domain name is registered it cannot be changed. So be careful while registering a domain name.

Having domain names with all these benefits, promotion of your website has become an easier task. Number of cheapest registrars those who offer low rates for getting a domain name are available now. If once registered it cannot be altered. So find registrars according to your need. It helps to attain gain credibility and also create a feeling of secure among the people. In order to make a profitable business turn over domain name plays a good role. While preparing to get a domain name proper planning and care should be taken. Domain name is unique and it cannot be duplicated by anyone.

10 Excellent Web Services to Monitor Websites Uptime

It’s crucial for every site owner to monitor website uptime, otherwise visitors won't come back again if the site is always unavailable. If it is high traffic website then it becomes more critical to monitor website up-time, because we cannot monitor website all the time. Sometimes it happens that websites are going down even if we have a very reliable hosting provider with 99% of uptime. The reason could be with network outages, data center, server outages, server overload, DNS configuration, or SSL certificate problems. In this case we should be aware of such things, otherwise we could lose royal visitors and followers, if website is down for hours (or days).

There are some good free and paid online web services tools available that checks your website availability time to time and notify you via Email or SMS whenever the website is down or not responding. With the help of these uptime monitoring services you can always get notified about the status of your website.

Here are 10 Website Monitoring tools (including free and paid) that would help you to monitor the availability and accessibility of your website.

1. Pingdom

Pingdom is a free and paid service that tracks the uptime, downtime, and performance of websites and alerts you via email, SMS, or Twitter whenever they are stopped working. It also keeps a track of your website errors for the lifetime of your account, giving you the ability to view detailed reports about website downtime, response time and load time in an instant.

The free service only allows you to monitor one site and includes 20 SMS alerts and I think it's worthy because it comes with a free iPhone app gives you a handy on-the-go solution for monitoring your website’s status.
  1. Monitor 1 sites/servers
  2. 20 SMS alerts on signup
  3. Unlimited email & twitter alerts
  4. Unlimited contacts
Pingdom Website Monitoring

2. Basic State

Basic State is a free service that monitors your website uptime every 15 minutes 24x7. It instantly alerts you by email or SMS. BasicState allows you to monitor unlimited number of websites. The uptime checks are made by multiple ways: DNS, Network, HTTP response, IP blacklist, Domain blacklist and more.
  1. checks your websites every 15 minutes
  2. get trouble alerts by email or sms
  3. daily uptime report with 14 day history
Basic State Website Monitoring

3. provides free all-in-one web application monitoring service with personalized interactive interface for website owners, web developers, webmasters, system administrators and IT operations. It has an intuitive AJAX based dashboard GUI, the ability to send you downtime alerts by Email, SMS and RSS. The monitoring performed from geographical locations, and real-time visitor monitoring. also offers different web protocols monitoring.
  1. Number of Sites you can Monitor: Unlimited
  2. Regularity of Checks: Every 30 minutes
  3. Methods of Alerts: IM, SMS, E-mail, RSS Website Monitoring

4. InternetSeer

InternetSeer claims to be the world’s largest website monitoring service with over 2.2 million websites worldwide. InternetSeer monitoring service remotely checks your website from several geographic monitoring locations at selected intervals. If the monitoring service is unable to reach the site, its sends you an alerts via an email, cell phone or pager. Some of the key web site monitoring services available include Availability Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Link and Image Checking, Transaction Monitoring, Historical and Detailed Check and Alert Reporting.
  1. Number of Sites you can Monitor: 1
  2. Regularity of Checks: Every hour
  3. Methods of Alerts: E-mail, SMS, pager

5. Montastic

Montastic is a free website monitoring service that doesn’t suck. With Montastic website monitoring tool whenever your site crashes (and when it comes back up) it sends an instant alerts via email, RSS, or their Windows and Mac widget. Montastic free service lets you monitor up to 3 sites per account, supports monitoring for HTTP and HTTP Secure connections, and a simple and elegant end-user interface. Montastic checks your website status at least every 30 minutes from two different locations.
  1. Number of Sites you can Monitor: 3
  2. Regularity of Checks: Every 30 minutes
  3. Methods of Alerts: Email or SMS
Montastic Website Monitoring

6. Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is a free service that will monitor your website's uptime every 5 minutes. It offers you to add up to 50 websites to monitor and whenever a website becomes offline, it will sends an alerts via e-mail, SMS, RSS, Twitter or push notifications.
  1. Number of Sites you can Monitor: 50
  2. Regularity of Checks: Every 5 minutes
  3. Methods of Alerts: E-mail, SMS, RSS, Twitter
Uptime Robot Website Monitoring

7. SiteUptime

SiteUptime is a website monitoring service that monitors your website status at regular intervals and alerts you via email or SMS if more than one location detects a connection failure. In free version you can monitor only 1 website for every 30 or 60 minutes. SiteUptime also sends you free uptime report monthly. Monitoring options include: HTTP, POP3, SMTP, FTP, SSL, DNS, custom TCP Ports, ping, HTTP Password Protection.
  1. Number of Sites you can Monitor: 1
  2. Regularity of Checks: Every 30 or 60 minutes
  3. Methods of Alerts: E-mail or SMS
SiteUptime Website Monitoring

8. Are My Sites Up?

Are My Sites Up? free plan will allow you to monitor up to 5 websites for 25 times per day. You get unlimited email and SMS notifications with the reason why your site went down (including HTML status error codes).
  1. Number of Sites you can Monitor: 5
  2. Regularity of Checks: 25 times a day
  3. Methods of Alerts: E-mail or SMS
Are My Sites Up? Website Monitoring

9. Uptime Dog

Uptime Dog is a free website monitoring service that will check availability of your website every 2 minutes from two different geographical locations and once found unresponsive response to both monitoring servers, it will send an email notification to you instantly. The main drawback of this service is that you need to add the HTML link to their site.
  1. Number of Sites you can Monitor: unlimited
  2. Regularity of Checks: Every 2 minutues
  3. Methods of Alerts: E-mail or SMS

10. Root Internet

Root Internet offers multi-protocol support, uptime and performance of your website or server, downtime alerts via email and SMS, global monitoring locations. With “Live Status Report” widget you can easily display an uptime report on your website. You can define maintenance windows so that Root Internet pauses monitoring during those periods or simply exclude them from uptime reporting. Root Internet can import the uptime history into your account for free, making the switch easy and painless.
  1. Number of Sites you can Monitor: unlimited
  2. Regularity of Checks: Every 2 minutues
  3. Methods of Alerts: E-mail or SMS
Root Internet Website Monitoring