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Rel='author' What Is That, And How Can You Benefit From It

When it comes to promoting your site, there are a number of tools that you may want to learn about. One of the relatively new tools that you can use to help yourself is the Rel="author" tag. What exactly is this tag and how can it help you in the future?

What is Rel="author"? This is a tag that was introduced by Google last year. With this tag, you can put it in the header of your webpages and be featured as the author of the content. When your site shows up in the Google rankings, you can have your name featured in the rankings as the author of the content. If you've seen any pictures of people and their names featured in the Google rankings lately, it's because of this tag.

Integrating the Tag The tag works in conjunction with your Google+ profile. When you use this tag, you have to include a link to your Google+ profile behind it. In your Google+ profile, you also have to include a link back to the site where you want to be featured as the au…

6 Initial Link Building Strategies for New Sites

Link building is one of the ways to drive traffic to your website. A link works like a street leading up to a home. People will get to your place easier and much quicker if there are more streets leading up to it. The same is true with building up links. Having other websites linking to your website will make it easier for people to find your webpage.

The process of link building is both an art and a science. There are countless ways to add links but not all will work for a particular site. When putting up a new website, it is advised that bloggers and publishers try out as many techniques as possible to see what works.

1. Post Regularly Post great content on a regular basis. Having a good stream of articles posted on your website has several advantages for a new website. A new website may not have a lot of readers at first but once people start coming in, it is reading great content which makes them stay and want to share it with other people. When writing content, try t…